Fragrance Oils Regulatory Documentation

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IFRA Statements

Allergen Documents

CLP 10% In Non Hazardous Base

CLP 25% In Non Hazardous Base

Room Spray Labels
Room spray labels show Pure Scented contact information. You would change this to your own information. You dont need to display our logo/website/address on your own branding.

CLP label only contains product name, Why?

If the candle/wax melt does not contain any ingredients that are classified as hazardous then there is no requirement for it to be labelled in accordance with CLP.

If a CLP label does not have anything on it other than the fragrance name, it means it does not contain any hazardous ingredients to report at that percentage.

Examples of this is Strawberry at 10%. You still label your products to BS EN 15494:2019 “Product Safety Labels”, you just don’t require any label information that relate to the fragrance in your end product when used up to that percentage load.

The document i want is not there?

If a document is missing please contact us and it will be added. We will reply to you to let you know when this has been done.

What is the batch number/expiry date?

Batch numbers can be self generated you can do this, by adding the fragrance name and your order number. For example Mango#12345 ( fragrance name + order number).

All fragrance oils have a use by date of 24 months from the date you ordered them.