SDS & CLP Fragrance Oil Blends Creation Service

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SDS & CLP Creation Service

This service allows us to create SDS, IFRA, Allergen, CLP Labels for your own fragrance oil blends, Augeo blends, spray mixes.

If you would like to create your own blends from Pure Scented fragrance oils we can supply to you fully compliant documentation for your own unique fragrances. We only create documents for products that use Pure Scented fragrance oils.

This will ensure your products are fully compliant and wont negatively impact your insurance.

This allows you to create 100% unique fragrances that no one can have or copy. We will never disclose your blend to anyone else.

Please note if you are intending to sell cosmetics you are required to carry out a CPSR, a SDS does not legal allow you to sell cosmetic products.

How does this work?

You create your blends, experiment, record your findings. You then allow us to create your regulatory documents for you.

Complete the form above and after payment has been made we will email to you all the completed documents for your own fragrance oil blends, please note the files will be emailed to the address you use at checkout. Please allow up to 5 working days for this service.

You would need to provide us:

  • Product names and the percentages of the scents used in your fragrance oil blend.For example a fragrance oil blend would look like this:
    Almond Fragrance Oil 50%,
    Chocolate Fragrance Oil 25%
    Strawberry Fragrance Oil 25%
    Your blend must equal 100%
  • A reed diffuser base may look like this:
    Snow Angel 12.5%
    Apple 12.5%
    Augeo Base 75%
  • A room spray base may look like this
    Perfumers alcohol 98%
    Gingerbread fragrance 2%
  • You will provide us the name you wish to give your blend
  • Your business details, these are what will go on the SDS:
    Company name
    Company address
    Email address
    Phone number
  • What % you wish your CLP label to be in ( only for fragrance oil blends, this is not required for a room spray/reed diffuser base as we can see this from the blend information).
    For example: 8%. For products which are not Pure Scented fragrance oils you will need to provide the documents for the ingredients you are using, SDS, Allergen, IFRA, ect.

What will i get?

You will receive emailed copies of the following documents :

  • One Safety Data Sheet relating to your fragrance oil blend
  • One IFRA document relating to your fragrance oil blend (If required)
  • One Allergen Document relating to your fragrance oil blend
  • CLP label in wax at the % of your choice – your fragrance oil blend in a non hazardous base such as wax.


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