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Augeo Clean Multi


Augeo Clean Multi

Augeo Clean Multi, a bio based solvent derived from a renewable source. It presents excellent solubilization power, adequate evaporation rate, low odour and LVP-VOC, which are key to achieve a sustainable formulation.

Augeo® Clean Multi has features that enable its application as a carrier and/or diluent for fragrances, reinforcing the odour and extending the air fresheners fragrance.

Augeo® Clean Multi has numerous applications and benefits that are beneficial to the home fragrancing market.


  • Fragrance diluent & carrier
  • Air fresheners / hanging car air fresheners
  • Plug in/ Electrical Devices such as refills for plug in air fresheners
  • Reed diffusers
  • Mechanical & Aerosol Sprays

Benefits & Differentials

  • Fragrance enhancement due to low odour
  • Solubility Power
  • Low carbon footprint
  • HSE profile improvement
  • Environmental friendly product

Augeo is by far the best reed diffuser base oil we have found. Unlike DPM and other diffuser bases, Augeo evaporates fully and does not have the metallic odour associated with other base materials.

In addition, if you plan to export your diffusers to the US, base materials can often be problematic; but not this material.
Augeo is fully compliant with CARB Regulation in the USA, meaning it is not classed as VOC (vapor pressure below 0.1 mg Hg). This means that Augeo does not contribute to the VOC content of the final product, which wax 18% at the time of writing.

This allows for high levels of fragrance loading (15-25%) without breaching CARB regulations.

If you are interested in making your own reed diffusers at home please check out our step by step guide.

19 reviews for Augeo Clean Multi

  1. Essiee (verified owner)

    Excellent base

  2. Julie Stendall (verified owner)

    I have used this for over a year now and I won’t use another stays clear mixes well and the quality is great I have tried others but this is what I use far better than the rest

  3. debbie381@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Great base stays clear. Will order again

  4. debbie381@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Great base stays clear.

  5. debbie381@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Great base stays clear

  6. Lauren Huxtable (verified owner)

    Super easy to use, mixes well with the fragrance! Will definitely buy again

  7. Jordan Myers (verified owner)

    I’ve tried loads of ways to make diffusers, used this works amazing. Good diffusing action much better than other diy blends

  8. carmyst (verified owner)

    Great Value for money!

  9. Sophie Marriott (verified owner)

    Fantastic base mixes very well great value for money .

  10. Tom Smeeton (verified owner)

    Amazing base, mixes amazing for my reed diffusers

  11. Chloe Cattell (verified owner)

    Use for my diffusers and room sprays, it’s the best one I’ve tried

  12. DNA Scents (verified owner)

    Mixes perfectly with the fragrance oils. Just needs a good shake.

  13. Annma (verified owner)

    Use this for reed diffusers. Best i have tried. Defo recommend

  14. Miasmelts (verified owner)

    Great product very well packaged a little goes along way

  15. Claudia Royer (verified owner)

    A must! Great diffuser base. Will order again

  16. DANIEL BROWN-LEE (verified owner)

    Great base for car diffusers, works brilliantly. Highly recommended.

  17. Daisy Hoad (verified owner)

    Fantastic diffuser base – stays crystal clear

  18. karen fisher (verified owner)

    brilliant base would order again

  19. taylorwilkesx (verified owner)

    Best base I have ever used really throws the scent of my fragrance oils throw my car fumes and Reed diffusers. Highly recommend!

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