Water Dispersible Mica Powder

Pure Rock AquaPearls are unique water soluble micas that are ideal for many applications and especially for bath bombs. Bath bombs make up a large segment of the bath product market and micas are often used in them as they impart a wonderful shimmer and sparkle to the bathwater. However Polysorbate 80 needs to be added when using standard grade micas in bath bombs as standard micas are not water soluble. Polysorbate is a non-ionic surfactant and emulsifier that definitely can’t be classed as natural and many people don’t like it. So our AquaPearls™ give handcrafters and manufacturers an opportunity to create mica bath bombs with clean labelling that can fall under the ‘natural’ banner.

Other water based applications where AquaPearls™ offer superior performance in comparison to standard grade micas include bath salts, shampoos, shower gels, water based nail polish, kids face paints, water based acrylic paints, artists water colours…and much more!

  Vegan Friendly                 EU Approved For Cosmetics               |            Eco-Friendly  

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