​A guilt free alternative to poly glitter

Pure Rock EcoSparks™ Series are mineral based, sparkling earth friendly alternatives to poly glitter. A wide range of effects can be achieved due to their differing qualities from reflective angle dependent colour change to pure vibrant coloured sparkle. ​

We have three different ranges available at present with these individual attributes:

  • EcoSparks Allure – can be sprinkled, painted or incorporated depending on the medium used. This range produces a sparkle effect similar to ultrafine glitter and its versatility makes it popular for use in both cosmetic and non-cosmetic applications due to the wide range of colours available.
  • EcoSparks Reflections – can also be sprinkled, painted or incorporated depending on the medium used. This range produces a sparkle effect similar to chunky glitter and has the highest sparkle out of all the three ranges. Opaque in colour with a soft and subtle but striking angle dependent colour shift, these are a popular choice for use in applications where maximum sparkle is required.
  • EcoSparks Glamour – distinctively different due to its unique ability to merge into a solid layer when incorporated into a medium or when rubbed out. The effect is a shimmering primary layer, metallic in appearance with a high sparkle overlay. This range is truly unique with its 2 in 1 glitter effect and is a popular choice for applications that require a higher coverage glitter effect.

​Pure Rock EcoSparks are all able to achieve stunning results in clear mediums such as resin, nail polish, lip glosses, M&P soap, artists oils, pottery glazes, varnishes etc but can also be used with equally dazzling effect as surface decoration for opaque mediums such as soap and wax candles.

Their benefits as an alternative to poly glitter are numerous:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non Abrasive
  • Soft Tactile Feel
  • High Adhesion
  • High Coverage (Glamour Range)
  • Non-Flammable
  • Solvent Resistant
  • More Stable Than Conventional Bio Glitter
  • Vegan Friendly unless otherwise specified

  Vegan Friendly Unless Indicated                EU Approved For Cosmetics               |            Eco-Friendly  

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