Odour Eliminator Sprays Size Information:

500ml comes in a spray trigger bottle.

Comes in a spray trigger bottles without labels, for you to apply your own branding.

Comes in a jerry can WITHOUT an atomiser, this is a refill size for topping up your empty bottles or for decanting into your own bottles.

All Pure Scented fragrances can be supplied in this product, if the fragrance you want is not listed please contact us and it will be added as a priority.


Odour Eliminator Spray

Pure Scented Odour Eliminator Spray is specifically designed for your home odour needs. Made to neutralise odours at source instead of just masking the smell. The active ingredients bind to the odour at a molecular level, eliminating the source of all bad smells. Leaving behind nothing but your favourite Pure Scented fragrance.

  • Kills odour causing bacteria
  • Neutralises urine odours
  • Professional strength
  • Safe on hard and soft surfaces
  • Leaves your home, car, bedding, shoes, bags, hard to wash surfaces smelling clean. fresh and amazing.

How to use:

To use follow these simple steps:

  1. Shake the bottle well before using it.
  2. Hold the bottle upright and spray the fabric or air in a sweeping motion, keeping the bottle about 6-8 inches away.
  3. For best results, spray the affected area until it is slightly damp, but not soaked.
  4. Allow the area to dry completely.

Pure Scented Odour Eliminator Spray can be used on a variety of fabrics and surfaces, including carpets, curtains, and furniture. It can also be used to freshen up the air in a room. Be sure to read the label and follow any additional instructions and precautions.

How to keep pets safe:

For best results keep your pets of surfaces until they are touch dry, if they accidently lay down on a wet surface it wont cause any harm but its best to keep them off until dry.

Remove any birds from the room, birds have much smaller lungs and the respiratory systems do not respond well to air care products, they are much more sensitive than dogs, cats or humans!

Don’t spray around open fish tanks or water living friends, they have to live in the water and can be very sensitive to changes in their water conditions.


If you would like to purchase the 5 litre size to decanter and resell to your own customers, you are allowed to do so.
The 5 Litres label contains the correct CLP information for that product, you will need to copy the contains section and warning section and display the pictogram.
All other details address, brand, etc will be your own details.

Contains Neutrahaze Odour Eliminating Technology

Neutrahaze products work by binding to odour-forming nucleophilic molecules, and once bound the smells cannot be released back into the atmosphere. Designed specifically for where smell originates from urine, excrement, sweat, skunk spray, garlic as well as from rotten meat, fish etc, Neutrahaze will eliminate any odour it comes into contact with.

In order to eliminate the targeted odour, NeutraHaze must come into direct contact with the odour molecule, this can be achieved with the use of our wide range of Neutrahaze products designed for use around animals and the home, Neutrahaze products as well as being animal safe are perfect for a wide range of applications:

  • Household products
  • Sanitary products
  • Car care products
  • Pet care products
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Paper industry
  • Sewage plants
  • Air fresheners

Odour-effective for clothing, bedding, furniture, carpets and hard floor applications in homes, boats, RVs, kennels, catteries, rest rooms and many other areas where odours can be a problem.

Our fragrances are our interpretation of a smell, created to deliver a scent reminiscent of the product name they represent.

This product is not made by, endorsed by or in any way connected with any other brands.

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