Frequently asked questions.

50ml & 100ml bottles now come with a blind plug, this is to reduce leakages in transit. To use the new plug as a dropper, pierce the centre, you can do this using a biro, knitting needle, etc.
The size you make the hole will affect how fast the liquid comes out.
Or remove the stopper, pour the liquid, then return the stopper to ensure spillage and leaking is minimised.

If you are looking to place a smaller order under £30 and would like free shipping we have an Amazon Store, Ebay, Etsy Store.

None of our fragrances contain Parabens.

Absolutely not. We love animals and do not test any of our products on animals.

Yes, our fragrance oils are vegan.

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Batch numbers can be self generated you can do this, by adding the fragrance name and your order number. For example Mango#12345 ( fragrance name + order number).

All fragrance oils have a use by date of 24 months from the date you ordered them.

All our fragrances are suitable to be used in an electric diffuser simply add a few drops or your favourite fragrances to the water adjust the amount of drops based on your personal preferences.

Yes you can use our fragrance oils in oil/tart burners. We recommend mixing our fragrance oils 50/50 with dipropylene glycol, commonly referred to as DPG or by adding a couple of drops of oil to some water in the well.


No. All sales are final. Due to health and sanitary concerns, and to protect the integrity of our oils, fragrance oils are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. We recommend purchasing sample sizes to ensure that you (or your customers) like the scents and that they perform properly in your applications before investing in large sizes. Note: Fragrance oils can best be judged when used in an actual application and not directly out of the bottle.

Fragrance oils are designed to work in end products. The smell out the bottle does not reflect the smell that will appear once used correctly.

When you smell a fragrance oil from the bottle you are getting a highly concentrated sample, think of it as tasting undiluted food flavourings or drinks from concentrate that haven’t been diluted correctly.

The smell directly out the bottle can be affected by many factors, a cold fragrance oil will smell different to a warm one, some can seem overly strong and some can smell weaker their are many 100s of variables that will affect this.

This is why it is not possible to make a decision on a fragrance just by smelling the fragrance from the bottle. At a minimum you should use perfume tester papers, dipping a paper in a fragrance oil and then re smelling again after it has dried can completely change the fragrance you will experience.

Asking for a refund because you dont like the smell after opening the bottle is not a fault with the product and will not be possible, due to health and safety reason we are unable to except opened fragrance oils due to the risk of contamination to our other products and customers.

10ml sizes of all fragrances are available so that you can purchase smaller amounts to test on a small scale production.

SDS, Allergen, IFRA statements can be found here

No. Our fragrance oils are very concentrated and should not be applied directly from the bottle to the skin. They must first be added to a carrier oil (such as olive oil, jojoba oil or sunflower oil) or product base (soap, lotion, shower gel, perfume base, body spray base, etc.).

It is best to store fragrances out of direct sunlight. A dark, cool cupboard or cabinet is ideal.

No. We welcome orders of all sizes.
But you will receive free shipping in the UK if you spend over £30

No. Because we are continually adding new scents, it would be next to impossible (and very costly) to keep a printed catalog up to date. All of our current product offerings are available online.

When stored properly, out of direct sunlight and well sealed, fragrance oils have a shelf life of approximately one year.

Our fragrance oils are shipped in different containers depending on the size ordered. 10ml bottles are sent in glass bottles. Larger sizes are sent in HDPE bottles for safety from breakage, and cost less to send which in turn reduces cost to you.

Some fragrance oils (especially those with high vanillin content) can crystalize in colder temperatures. The vanillin in the oil gets cold and can appear sludgy. Heat a pan of water, remove the pan from the heat and put the bottle of oil into the water. The vanillin will melt back to original form. Again, your oil is not compromised- it was just cold !

We do not have a shop that is open to the public.
You can collect your order from our Basildon warehouse.

Any damage or incorrect items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Photographs of any damage/loss will be requested, so please do not throw package away until after photos have been submitted. If a package is heavily damaged upon receipt, please refuse package.

We strive to make and ship all orders as quickly as possible. Normal turnaround time is 1-3 business days. Turnaround times may increase after large sales or Holidays. Please note that out of stock items may also delay shipment of your order. (You will be contacted via e-mail if an out of stock situation occurs).