Gel Wax


Gel Wax is a clear wax with a jelly consistency, used for containers only, often used with items placed inside the wax for decoration. Think sea shells, dried fruits etc.

This wax exhibits great scent throw, vibrant colours can be achieved but you need to be careful not to add to much colour if you want to keep the translucent look. Gel wax has the ability to burn up to twice as long as standard paraffin wax, making the higher cost point more economical.

Gel wax has a higher melting point than paraffin wax, to get the wax bubble free you need to heat it to between 110c and 120c. We recommend heating this wax to around 70 degrees to melt and pouring at 60 degrees. Add fragrance as close to pour temperature as possible for optimum results.

Not all fragrance oils are suitable for use in gel wax, you must use fragrances with a flash point above 77c, the flashpoint is important because gel wax burns at a higher temperature. Using a scent with a flashpoint lower than 77c results in too big of a difference in your melt point and flashpoint; this makes for an unstable and unsafe candle.

If you need to test that a fragrance oil is gel wax safe, you can easily do so.  This test is called the mineral oil miscibility test.  To test for gel wax solubility mix 1 part fragrance to 3 parts mineral oil in a glass container.  Then, give the mixture a shake and set it down.  After a few minutes, check the mixture to see if it blended.

Next, in a glass container, mix 3 parts fragrance oil to 1 part mineral oil.  Give the container a shake and once again allow it to sit.  After a few minutes, check to see if the mixture is thoroughly blended.

If you notice the mixture is insoluble or has any cloudiness in the solution, the fragrance is not gel safe.  If the mixture is transparent and dissolved, the fragrance oil is gel wax compatible.

Like all candle making, experimentation is key. You need to test and record your findings in a safe and controlled environment.

Physical Properties:

Holds up to 6% fragrance or essential oil
Appearance: Clear gel Odour: Odourless
Softening point (°C): 70-85
Boiling point/range (°C): >25
Congealing point (°C): N/A
Flash point (ASTM D 93) (°C): >250
Autoignition point (°C): >180
Density at 20°C (g/cm3):
Approx. 0.86
Solubility in water (% by weight): Insoluble


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