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Avo Bath Fragrance Oil


Avo Bath Fragrance Oil

A vibrant citrus accord combining notes of lemon, verbena, lemongrass and spicy nuances on a base of citrus pith, musk and woods

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Along with functioning as an intriguing candle making scent, this fragrance is skin safe for bath and body products, including melt and pour soap bases, cold process soaps, lotions, creams, air freshener and body splash bases, potpourri, and potpourri refresher oils.

The above information is a recommendation only and testing should always be conducted before committing to large orders.

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36 reviews for Avo Bath Fragrance Oil

  1. Kyle Hunt (verified owner)

    Has to be my favourite scent thus far. It really does freshen up a room and masks any odours easily

  2. Carolanne Box (verified owner)

    Very string scent goes a long way and so easy to use

  3. kpwalshy (verified owner)

    my absolute fave from pure scented smells just like lush if you want fresh sherbert lemons with a twist then this is the one its so strong my wax melts are just gorgeous had so many compliments if I could give it more than 5 stars I would

  4. Sue Elwood (verified owner)

    Excellent strong scent. Reminds me of lemons

  5. nhmelts (verified owner)

    So strong

  6. Patta21 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite scents a few drops is all that’s needed great value

  7. Deborah Foote (verified owner)

    Strong scent, popular

  8. Natalie Shipham (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite oils from Pure scented. Beautiful strong scent that is just like the real thing. Great dupe for lush

  9. KaitlinM (verified owner)

    Love love love! Smells exactly like the bathbomb

  10. Nicholas Bailey (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance, recommend this to anyone who loves a freshly run bath smell

  11. Michelle Drysdale (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite scents and is popular with our customers!

  12. louise rawlings (verified owner)

    Beautiful smell, have recommended this scent to friends.

  13. Kimberley Leach (verified owner)

    Very popular beautiful scent

  14. Kels in the 80s (verified owner)


  15. Emma Boyd (verified owner)

    Really good strong fresh lemon scent. Reminiscent of lemon sherbert. I love using this in shower gel first thing in the morning.

  16. Abbysmyth123 (verified owner)

    This scent is amazing loved it

  17. waxblendsbychelx (verified owner)

    Amazing citrus fresh smell, strong scent. Would definitely recommend. My customers love it

  18. Riverbleu (verified owner)


  19. Char (verified owner)

    The nicest smelling fragrance ever love it

  20. Claire Thomson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this fragrance, nice fresh zesty smelling

  21. Charliewright220490 (verified owner)

    Very strong hopefully more lush dupes coming soon

  22. Ellie Newman (verified owner)

    Smells just like the real thing, amazing 😍

  23. Billeigh (verified owner)

    Strong smelling fragrance, deffo one of my faves!

  24. Keely Jones (verified owner)

    Smells amazing sooooo strong customers love it, just like the real thing

  25. WholeLottaWax (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite scents! Smells absolutely amazing, just like the real thing!

  26. Georgina Beecham (verified owner)

    Really great strong fresh sent!

  27. Julia Hewitt (verified owner)

    This is a nice scent throw in wax melts using 10% lasts quiet a long time. I love it .

  28. Michelle Winters (verified owner)

    Gorgeous scent, perfect for making wax melts.
    Very strong so don’t need use as much.
    Would buy again

  29. Jessieleah02 (verified owner)

    This smells amazing,I have purchased it twice and will be ordering more.The scent is strong and lasts ages

  30. Beverley446 (verified owner)

    Such a lovely scent really happy costumer.

  31. Michelle Tierney (verified owner)

    Smells amazing, the lemon grass really comes through

  32. Coral Halton (verified owner)

    Omg this smells amazing, so like the real thing 🙂 can’t wait to buy more

  33. Emma Hopkins (verified owner)

    Beautiful, very fresh and lemon grassy scent!

  34. luxuryscented (verified owner)

    amazing product, smells beautiful and like the exact lush scent!

  35. Janay Parker (verified owner)

    Avo bath is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush and this is absolutely identical. So fresh and powerful – really don’t need more than a few drops for it to make an impact. Absolutely in love!

  36. Faye_e (verified owner)

    Really strong, only need a drop, really great value for money

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