Blue ci42090 Water Based Dye


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Blue ci42090 Water Based Dye

This colour does not remain true in cold-process soaps, although it is excellent for clear melt-n-pour soaps and most clear liquid bases. Not recommended for bath bombs (fades). Based on FCF Bright Blue.

Full INCI list for this dye is…
CI42090, Phenoxyethanol EHG

Full description… FD&C Blue No.1 has E number, E133 with color index of 42090. It is also called Acid Blue 9, D&C Blue No. 4, Alzen Blue No. 1, Atracid Blue FG, Erioglaucine, Eriosky blue, Patent Blue AR and Xylene Blue VSG

All Pure Scented water based dyes dyes are highly concentrated water based colours, and can be mixed together to achieve a wide range of hues.
We have selected and brought together these dyes in a pack especially for melt and pour soaps as all five are suitable for this use. However some colours may be suitable for other uses, we have given a description for each colour to help you decide what else the dyes may be suitable for.

The strength of colour obtained from any dye or pigment is dependent upon the concentration used. Using concentrated dyes or pigments may result in deep colour that can bleed from the product in use and/or discolour surfaces. We suggest that all dyes and pigments are used sparingly, further diluted where necessary, and chosen so as they are appropriate for the use they’re being put to. We cannot accept any responsibility for any unexpected consequences as a result of the use of any of our dyes or pigments. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that any dye or pigment is suitable for the use that they intend it for and test the dye or pigment for suitability.


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