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Passion Fruit Martini Fragrance Oil


Passion Fruit Martini Fragrance Oil

A rich fruity accord dominated by notes of freshly sliced passion fruit blended with zesty lime and vanilla syrup.

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Along with functioning as an intriguing candle making scent, this fragrance is skin safe for bath and body products, including melt and pour soap bases, cold process soaps, lotions, creams, air freshener and body splash bases, potpourri, and potpourri refresher oils.

The above information is a recommendation only and testing should always be conducted before committing to large orders.

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17 reviews for Passion Fruit Martini Fragrance Oil

  1. toni.laidlaw@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    Amazing scent, highly recommend. So fruity.

  2. toni.laidlaw@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    Amazing scent! Great in my wax melts.

  3. Lolly879 (verified owner)

    Wow,smells amazing just like the cocktail

  4. paulalogan13 (verified owner)

    strong and fruity! amazing scent

  5. Kerstin Adams (verified owner)

    This is my favourite scent by far! Absolutely amazing! Highly recommend.

  6. all_that_flickers (verified owner)

    Amazingly passionfruity, not so much like the cocktail but smells gorgeous either way.

  7. Helen Naylor (verified owner)

    Amazing fragrance, lovely and strong

  8. Zuzanna Goebel (verified owner)

    Strong and Amazing scent!

  9. Lizzies11 (verified owner)

    Wow wow wow I know after testing today this is going to be popular with customers I love it xx

  10. Kirsty Perry (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite scents. Very strong and long lasting. Highly recommend.

  11. Mitchelallen4@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Have to use quite a lot but smells good

  12. Megan Jones (verified owner)

    Lovely Fragrance the passion fruit is so strong i love it

  13. Kelsey Wilson (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning fragrance. Has to be a new favourite 😍

  14. Annabel Schulte (verified owner)

    Smells so good! This is really popular without customers

  15. Sophie Dawn (verified owner)

    My favourite scent! Been super popular in my wax melts! Reordered a larger size after less than a week!

  16. Amy Gander (verified owner)

    Smells so amazing! Will definitely be ordering again!

  17. Sara HOUSTON (verified owner)

    Insanely amazing smell !! Highly reccomend

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