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Pink Jasmine & Orchid Fragrance Oil


Pink Jasmine & Orchid Fragrance Oil

A sensual floral fragrance revealing top notes of bergamot and pomegranate, leading to a full blooming heart of peony, orchid, jasmine and plum. On dry down, the base consists of musk, precious woods, amber and dry flowers.

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Along with functioning as an intriguing candle making scent, this fragrance is skin safe for bath and body products, including melt and pour soap bases, cold process soaps, lotions, creams, air freshener and body splash bases, potpourri, and potpourri refresher oils.

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39 reviews for Pink Jasmine & Orchid Fragrance Oil

  1. Victoria (verified owner)

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!! It’s my favourite! I love it!! 😍

  2. Karishma Chavda (verified owner)

    Perfect balance between the two scents 👌🏼

  3. Beverley Pickersgill (verified owner)

    One of my new favourites, soft floral scent, great in soy candles and melts

  4. Mwesh (verified owner)

    Smells amazing!

  5. Aaron Patterson (verified owner)

    Ordered this for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s been a real hit with our customers

  6. Zoe Ellison (verified owner)

    A customer fave! Lovely floral scent

  7. Sharon Tommaso (verified owner)

    Wow.. amazing scent for diffusers, candles and wax melts ..
    Defo will buy again.

  8. Maryam A (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance, very floral and musky.

  9. Stacey Joyce (verified owner)

    Amazing smell! My favourite best oils and smell last

  10. Georgia Chase (verified owner)

    love the fragrance, smells amazing

  11. Leanne903 (verified owner)

    Beautiful fragrance

  12. Cwtch by Tasha (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite scents ever!! It’s really nice. Can’t wait for them come back into stock so I can buy more!!! : )

  13. Grace Davison (verified owner)

    One of my favourite scents!! Sweet and floral! You can smell this scent in the room for ages after burning the melt!

  14. Lucy Tildesley (verified owner)

    Might be my new favourite smells lovely

  15. Leah Wood (verified owner)

    Just a lovely smell very strong! Clients love it too!

  16. Georgia Lane (verified owner)

    Love this one! Really nice floral smell.

  17. Chloe brabsby (verified owner)

    My all time favourite!

  18. Silvee01 (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance, such a gorgeous floral smell.

  19. Melissa Winkley (verified owner)

    Such a lovely sweet, floral smell. One of my favourites

  20. Janay Weekes-Plentie (verified owner)

    A favourite of mine, sweet and floral, customers adore this scent! Highly recommend

  21. Rachel Rutherford (verified owner)

    So fresh and clean. Love this in my bedroom! Very popular with customers too

  22. Soukwaxmelts (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite fragrances. A sweet yet fresh smell that is really uplifting! I love it!

  23. Cameron Baxter (verified owner)

    A must have for sure the smell is so divine !

  24. esme9@hotmail.co.uk (verified owner)

    Love this one

  25. realsweetaromas (verified owner)

    Such a lovely scent – I use this for my mermaid melt pots and it isn’t too overpowering but strong and sweet.

  26. Alyssa Snowdon (verified owner)

    Such a popular scent that I offer. Smells absolutely beautiful

  27. Sanchia (verified owner)

    A new favourite for my bedroom diffuser, lovely floral fragrance but not granny floral?

  28. Marisa Kennedy (verified owner)

    A beautiful smelling fragrance, fulls any room with a strong smelling, long lasting scent. My favourite ?

  29. Julie Galway (verified owner)

    This is just gorgeous ?

  30. Shannon Smith (verified owner)

    One of my fave scents and my customers too! Nice strong throw but scent isn’t overpowering. I could burn it 24/7!

  31. Sharonf1579@yahoo.co.uk (verified owner)

    This is one of the few scents I find myself just wanting to have a sniff of! I’ve made around 80 scents so far and this is in my top 5.

  32. zoeday93 (verified owner)

    A really beautiful, strong scent! Would absolutely recommend. Didn’t think it would necessarily be my kind of thing but I absolutely love it! Very elegant ⭐️

  33. Fleur (verified owner)

    This scent is beautiful!

  34. Chloe Chalk (verified owner)

    Omg this scent is AMAZING! If you’re on the fence 100% go for it!!

  35. Kat0210 (verified owner)

    Lovely scent

  36. Jessica Howard (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous scent

  37. Martynmcl (verified owner)

    One of my favourites and it’s really popular with others

  38. Ellie Harvey (verified owner)

    One of my favourite smells, would buy over and over again!

  39. Lisa Jones (verified owner)

    Love this such a nice floral note

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