Fragrance Oils

What are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils are a blend of synthetic compounds and/or essential oils that are mixed to create a vast array of different scents. Fragrance oils can also be known by several other names such as aroma oils, aromatic oils, scented oils and for INCI they are labelled as Parfum. You will find fragrances used in many different products, such as soaps, skin care, candles, electric diffusers, any product you wish to fragrance will be able to use some form of fragrance oil. Scented oils can come in 1000s of different fragrances ranging from designer types to natural scents.

About Pure Scented Oils

All Pure Scented fragrance oils are manufactured exclusively for us, our scented oils are manufactured to be suitable for soap making, candle making, reed diffusers and room sprays. This doesn’t mean they wont be suitable for other uses, but it does mean they are guaranteed to work in these applications.

How Much fragrance should I use?

This will firstly depend on what product you are crafting Pure Scented fragrance oils are 100% concentrated and are compatible with waxes up to 10% (but always test against your wick and wax type), compatible with reed diffuser bases up to 25% and compatible with room spray bases up to 5%.

No oil is created equal, the density and strength of every oil will be different. What does this mean to you? This means that the percentage of fragrance needed in one product may change in the next as you change scents. You need to experiment take notes and then experiment again, the perfect scented product does exist, you just need to discover it!

As an example in candle making if you were making a 100g paraffin wax candle you should start with 5-8% of fragrance oil  (5% of 100g would be 5g, 5g of fragrance oil added to 100g of wax would give you a candle fragrance strength of 5%).

Are your fragrance oils IFRA compliant?

Pure Scented oils conform to all IFRA standards in relation to safety and general industry expectations and guidance. One of the purposes of IFRA is to provide direction as to what percentage of fragrance to put in each application (e.g. candle making, diffusers, soap) all regulatory documentation relating to our fragrance can be found here.

Are your fragrance oils vegan or tested on animals?

All our fragrance oils are suitable for vegans and none of our products are tested on animals or contain any animal derivatives.