Red Candle Dye Block

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See colour guide to the left on what quantities of dye block to use to achieve different shades.
Or download PDF from under downloads.

• Easy to use & measure
(ex: “1 Block” or “1/2 Block”)

• An endless array of colors
can be achieved

• REACH Compliant

• RAL Compliant


Welcome to our unique dye block system for coloring candles!
The exact amount of dye has been calculated into each block so that you can
achieve each color listed in the color chart. Varying shades can be achieved with
the same block by adjusting the volume of wax that is incorporated.

Choose the color you are looking to achieve on the Color Chart. Follow
the directions/recommendations under each color swatch.
Each dye block produces several colors/shades by simply increasing or
decreasing the ratio of color to wax.
Please bear in mind that colors will vary depending on the type of wax and/or
fragrance used.

Looking to make the color a bit darker? Add a small piece of our Black Dye
Block to your dyed wax.

All dyes fade over a period of time. Light colors tend to fade faster than dark
colors – we recommend incorporating our UV Absorber block for all dyed wax.

We recommend not over-heating dyes in wax. Excessive heat can oxidize the
wax (turn it yellow) and have a deteriorating effect on dyes. Most candle makers
work at temperatures of 82ºC ~ 93ºC.


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Candle Dye Block Usages

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