Dried Calendula Petals, Marigold

Taking up home in gardens up and down the country, the common Marigold plant – Calendula officinalis – can be used to make healing creams, soothing teas and health boosting tinctures. With clusters of bright orange flowers, the Marigold plant has made its way to the heart of the herbal remedies industry thanks to the many health-enhancing benefits it offers.

*Due to nature of botanicals, foreign matter can sometimes be found present amongst petals. We advise screening the petals for any debris which may be present amongst the botanicals before adding to your products.



Calendula – from the Marigold plant – is still one of the most popular treatments for soothing irritated skin. Blended with a carrier oil or hydrating lotion it can improve hydration levels, calm itchiness and redness, reduce sensitivity and promote the formation of new tissues. Calendula is frequently used in skincare products – it can increase blood flow to the skin, help speed up skin healing processes and boost collagen production. It is also believed to help improve the appearance of bruises, treat varicose veins, calm skin after shaving and treat ingrown hairs. It pairs particularly well with other anti-inflammatories like tea tree, aloe Vera, coconut oil and lavender.


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