La Ve Bell Fragrance Oil

Inspired by the perfume this fragrance?is made with the noblest ingredients; Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence… Lain on a bed of fine delicacies.

All Pure Scented Fragrance Oils Are Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free & Paraben Free.


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About Pure Scented Fragrance Oils

All Pure Scented Fragrance Oils are vegan friendly and no product sold by Pure Scented is ever tested on animals. All our fragrance oils are IFRA & EU Compliant.

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Along with functioning as an intriguing candle making scent, this fragrance is skin safe for bath and body products, including melt and pour soap bases, cold process soaps, lotions, creams, air freshener and body splash bases, potpourri, and potpourri refresher oils.

The above information is a recommendation only and testing should always be conducted before committing to large orders.

Pure Scented can’t guarantee the quality of your final products, only the quality of the materials as they are dispatched.

We always suggest testing all your candles and reed diffusers before placing bulk fragrance orders. All our fragrance oils are sold by volume (ml) not weight.

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118 reviews for La Ve Bell Fragrance Oil

  1. c.l.mcl (verified owner)

    Great scent! Very popular for us

  2. Simon Neves (verified owner)

    Have tried others but this fragrance is the best ever.

  3. mhairi roe (verified owner)

    Strong oil my customers love it!

  4. taranpledger (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like the perfume, leaves the house smelling absolutely lovely for ages x

  5. Nikita Osmand (verified owner)


  6. Miranda Turley (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this scent x

  7. Miranda Turley (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this scent. All the scents I purchase from this company are brilliant

  8. Alana Caloe (verified owner)

    Soo nice and smells exactly like the perfume x

  9. megggg1310 (verified owner)

    Love this!

  10. Natasham11 (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like the perfume!!

  11. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    Love this!

  12. Markrooke (verified owner)

    Beautiful scent, just like the perfume. Fabulous addition to our collection.

  13. Chloe Black (verified owner)

    Very strong scent. Meaning I’ve been able to reduce the % in my candles to get the same scent throw!

  14. katieborder20193 (verified owner)

    fab product

  15. (verified owner)


  16. Abbysmyth123 (verified owner)

    This scent is amazing really recommend it

  17. Eva Issahaku (verified owner)

    Gorgeous!! It smells exactly like the perfume!! Really nice strong fragrance!
    My favourite perfume dupe!

  18. Grace Davison (verified owner)

    This is a dupe for my own perfume! Gorgeous!! Girly, floral scent!

  19. Georgia Louise Mcphee (verified owner)

    This is my favourite scent of all time! It’s identical to the perfume and is such a huge hit with my customers! very strong xx

  20. Alexandra Hazeldine (verified owner)

    A gorgeous smell that is exactly like the perfume. Long lasting and has a good throw.

  21. Vickiclamp7 (verified owner)

    Very strong smell. This is one of my best sellers in wax melts. It’s gorgeous and smells just like the fragrance.

  22. Kayleigh Fox (verified owner)

    Very strong and sweet 😍

  23. Lisa H (verified owner)

    OMG this fragrance oil is absolutely beautiful and is just like the perfume!

  24. Sophie Marriott (verified owner)

    This scent is absolutely amazing will definitely be ordering again , very strong just like the perfume.

  25. Kekecandle (verified owner)

    Gorgeous scent, will definitely purchase again

  26. Caitriona Thompson (verified owner)

    Excellent scent just like the perfume 100%

  27. Sian Majid (verified owner)

    This smells absolutely amazing!! One of my absolute favourites will definitely be ordering this again!!

  28. Muffmelts (verified owner)

    Lovely scent. Nicer than the original perfume in my opinion

  29. Alexandra Hazeldine (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like the perfume. Long lasting in candles.

  30. Angharad Jones (verified owner)

    This scent is beautiful. Just like the perfume. So strong too!

  31. lucy florey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this scent, by far the favourite with my regular clients.

  32. Chloe Ellis (verified owner)

    My most popular scent! Smells so incredible

  33. Lucy Thomson (verified owner)

    Smells nearly identical to the perfume

  34. Emma Stewart (verified owner)

    This smells fabulous and just like the perfume. Such a strong but delicate scent, I can smell it all around my house and has shown to be very popular with my customers.

  35. Sarah Matthews (verified owner)

    Beautiful fragrance and just like the real thing!

  36. megggg1310 (verified owner)

    I love this scent and will be ordering more

  37. Natasha Shipston-Beresford (verified owner)

    Gorgeous scent, smells just like the perfume!

  38. taramitchell1985 (verified owner)


  39. Sarah Eccleston (verified owner)

    Smells amazing defo a fave!

  40. Lindz (verified owner)

    smells identical to the famous perfume, has become very popular.

  41. monis2117 (verified owner)


  42. Cat (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like the perfume
    Very strong and a best seller

  43. Laura Tidy (verified owner)

    Lovely scent one of my favs smells just like the real thing

  44. (verified owner)

    One of my best sellers! Love it

  45. Karen maccy (verified owner)

    Smells just like the perfume it’s so strong and lasts forever

  46. Jess Carroll (verified owner)

    Love this such a gorgeous pretty smell and exactly like the perfume. A must have !

  47. Tami Shedden (verified owner)

    Haven’t made nothing with it yet but love the scent, will be making body sprays

  48. (verified owner)

    Beautiful scent. A firm favourite!

  49. Lucy Long (verified owner)

    Amazing scent, smells just like the original! Love it in my diffusers

  50. Stacey Forster (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous! Just like the perfume. On my core scent list

  51. ElaineMcB (verified owner)

    Top seller! Smells exactly the same!

  52. emmadavies1523 (verified owner)

    Smells beautiful

  53. Karen65 (verified owner)

    I’ve never smelt the perfume but was recommended this fragrance. Don’t ever get rid of this, it’s beautiful! X

  54. Caterine Orawe (verified owner)

    Lovely and strong smells just like the perfume will purchase again spot on

  55. Caterine Orawe (verified owner)

    Lovely and strong smells just like the perfume will purchase again

  56. thewaxandmorestore (verified owner)

    Looooove this!! Good seller with my customers and a favourite in our home

  57. Kerryblades23 (verified owner)

    You will never get anything nicer than this smell it’s amazing.

  58. Kerryblades23 (verified owner)

    You will never get anything nicer than this smell it’s amazing my absolute favourite.

  59. Babyboothy (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite ?

  60. Champs1uk (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this frangrance oil.
    We have used it in wax melts. It smells exactly the same as the well known perfume. 100% recommend.

  61. Michelle Kibbey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this fragrance , 1 of my favs

  62. Michelle Kibbey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this fragrance

  63. Chelsey Smith (verified owner)

    Lovely scent very strong and just like the real thing

  64. (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning scent, the best one ive used , I cant get enough of this

  65. Nicola Rigby (verified owner)

    One of my best sellers

  66. Leanne Baddeley (verified owner)

    The best scent I’ve had from pure scented ?

  67. emmadavies1523 (verified owner)

    will be buying again

  68. rebgannon (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this scent. It smells exactly the same as the actual perfume! I will definitely be ordering more!

  69. Cait Rees (verified owner)

    Lovely strong smell. Really beautiful, fills the house and last for days! Currently on day 6 in the bedroom.

  70. FeywardOak (verified owner)

    Smells just like the designer fragrance, and is one of our favourites. Will definitely be a bestseller for our wax products.

  71. Marieclaire K (verified owner)

    My Sister loves the perfume and was so happy to find out it smells just like it in candle form. She uses it in her room and absolutely loves it.

  72. Lusciousaromacosmetics (verified owner)

    Extremely strong and has amazing scent flow.

  73. Nikki Holmes (verified owner)

    very strong one of my favourite

  74. Nikki Holmes (verified owner)

    Love this very strong

  75. Scentsofglamour (verified owner)

    Smells just like the original

  76. zoeday93 (verified owner)

    Smells amazing!! Exactly like the perfume

  77. Joanne McGachan (verified owner)

    Smells just like the perfume! Really long lasting strong fragrance too even with just a small amount in my diffuser. Will definitely be buying again!

  78. Miranda Turley (verified owner)

    One of my best sellers and smells just like the real thing

  79. Cat (verified owner)

    Very strong smells just like the perfume. Very popular in soy melts

  80. maria grace drummond (verified owner)

    Smells just like the perfume and very strong , last for ages

  81. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous scent very popular with my customers

  82. Justine Bennett (verified owner)

    Beautiful FO, a big hit with customers. Will be buying more

  83. adele Murray (verified owner)

    I need more ? only lasted 2 days customers love it

  84. (verified owner)

    Will be getting again

  85. (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful scent! So strong and lasts for hours

  86. Donna Foord (verified owner)

    Lovely Fragrance. I wear this perfume and this is a great dupe of the original.

  87. sophia sajid (verified owner)

    smells lush just like the perfume

  88. (verified owner)


  89. Amanda Campbell (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing fragrance, excellent scent for my wax melts

  90. Nicole Rybak (verified owner)

    You would not know this wasnt the real deal- exactly like Lancome perfume. Actually beautiful ?

  91. Natalya (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing scent! Smells just like my favourite perfume.

  92. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous smell exactly the same and strong too

  93. themeltsqueen (verified owner)

    amazing scent would deffo recomend and great price

  94. Laura Butler (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like the perfume – amazing!

  95. Chloe Hutchinson (verified owner)

    gorgeous scent

  96. CLAIRE CULLINGTON (verified owner)

    My best seller it’s gorgeous

  97. Rachel Leay (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite scent

  98. Janine Hill (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing fragrance. My new favourite x

  99. Shona Thomson (verified owner)

    I cannot stress how lovely this oil is, I use this in my diffuser and add to wax. Just amazing.

  100. Diane rynn (verified owner)

    Omg can’t believe it. I apsultly love this.

  101. Diane rynn (verified owner)

    Omg can’t believe it. It just like the perfume x

  102. (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning, started with a 10ml tester and now ordering bigger. Diffuses scent beautifully

  103. Anna (verified owner)

    Same as perfume. Top scent

  104. TAMARA Miller (verified owner)

    This smells exactly like that perfume. Really strong and don’t need to add much to the soap to make it smell lovely. Everyone who has used it has commented on how great it smells

  105. (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like my favourite perfume! Absolutely over the moon! Smells unreal

  106. Kellyg (verified owner)

    Long lasting, beautiful scent

  107. Sarah Hughes (verified owner)

    Great strong fragrance

  108. Chevykelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing scent. Smells just like the perfume. Very popular.

  109. davies86 (verified owner)

    smells beautiful and my customers loved it smells like the real thing

  110. Rachaelwatson1993 (verified owner)

    Purely because of this gorgeous scent I purchased the perfume. Fills the room up! Can’t be without it now.

  111. gemmacook01 (verified owner)

    Smells beautiful ! Love it and lasts ages

  112. Gemma Holmes (verified owner)

    Very strong

  113. loubylou (verified owner)

    Great smell. Used in body butter

  114. De-Luxe Perfumes (verified owner)

    Just love this. Smell is amazing!

  115. De-Luxe Perfumes (verified owner)

    smell is very strong and exactly like the real fragrance. Great as a wardrobe freshner.

  116. delphina19 (verified owner)

    Wundervoller Duft sehr beliebt. Danke ♡

  117. Stephen dwyer (verified owner)

    Smells amazing .

  118. Ajscott27uk (verified owner)

    Smells just like the perfume. I’ve worked in fragrance and this smells just like the real thing. This is my favourite scent for a wax melt. Lush

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