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Fragrance Oils For Diffusers

Can you use fragrance oil in a diffuser?

Yes, all Pure Scented fragrance oils are perfect to be used in electric diffusers, oil burners and reed diffusers.

How to use fragrance oil in a electric diffuser or oil burner?

Ensure you have added water to the maximum line inside the diffuser, or added water to the burners well.

Add 5 – 10 drops of the fragrance oil into the water, you may find you want to use more or slightly less depending on the size of the room, or the type of fragrance you are using.

You could try combining different oils to create your own blends, give your home its own unique scent no one else will have.

How To Make A Reed Diffuser

What you will need to make your own reed diffusers at home.

  1. A suitable container, glass is ideal as it is inert (does not react) with your mixture.
  2. Enough fragrance oil to add 25% to your mixture, you will need 50ml of fragrance for a 200ml reed diffuser.
  3. A suitable reed diffuser base oil, we recommend Augeo Clean Multi.
  4. If you wish to colour your reed diffuser oil you will need suitable dyes.
  5. 6-10 reeds depending on the size of your container.


For our example of a reed diffuser in a 200ml bottle at 25% fragrance we are going to first add 150ml of Augeo Clean Multi to a jug, followed by 50ml of our chosen fragrance oil.

Next, if you have chosen to dye the mixture this is when you add the colour. If you are using one of our suitable dyes you will only need a couple of drops, I recommend adding one drop stirring and repeating until you are happy with the colour, its much easier to add more than to take out!

It is preferable to mix our reed diffusers liquid is a jug, as then, if you choose to make more than one reed diffusers at a time the mixture will be consistent, especially if you choose to add a dye.

Once you have your mixture, you simply need to fill your container and add the reeds.
If you have used your own container, and the reeds are to large you can trim them to make the diffuser more stable.
Ensure when filling the bottles you leave room for the reeds to be added so you don’t overfill.
You may find the use of a small funnel helpful for this job.

You can then add the reeds, place them into the neck of the bottle and into the reed diffuser mixture, allow them a short time to absorb some fragrance. Then carefully remove the reeds flip them over and place them back into the reed diffuser.

Now you are ready to enjoy your own handmade reed diffuser.

Diffuser Fragrance Oils

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